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Jooleem 0.1.4
Windows installer (10.1 MB)


Jooleem is a simple yet extremely addictive puzzle game. There is only one rule: click on four marbles of the same color that form a rectangle. Time is constantly running out, but you can earn time (and points) by forming rectangles. The larger the rectangle, the more time and points are won.
Jooleem is free and open source software.




Version 0.1.4 of Jooleem is released, introducing new features and various bug fixes. Some of the major changes are:



jooleem_0.1.4_setup.exe Windows installer (10.1 MB) Win32 binaries (10.1 MB) Source - does not include data files (0.2 MB)
jooleem-0.1.3.tar.gz Linux - source based, older version (6.9 MB)


Jooleem is developed using C++ and SDL, with cross platform compatibility in mind. Currently, Windows and Linux versions of the game are available for download.
You can follow the development process, submit bug reports and make feature requests on the game's project page.


Jooleem has been ported to several platforms:
PSP version by Zordak
Nokia 770 internet tablet version by Uwe Koch


Jooleem is free and open source software. The code is released under the GNU General Public License. All of the game's assets (music, sound effects and images) are original and released under a Creative Commons deed.


The game is developed by Chai Braudo, with music by Ryan Reilly and sound design by Dale North. It was inspired by Nick Kouvaris' ZNAX. Linux port by Jani Huhtanen.
Beta testers: Iddo Braudo, Uri Grupel, Shany Tcshernichov and Ma'ayan Zigdon.